Fines and Sentences for growing cannabis in the UK

We just thought it might be interesting to have a blog to share experiences with the Law regarding cannabis.

Approximately 2 million people smoke cannabis in the UK on a regular basis and over 50% of 16-29 year olds have tried it at least once. We would rather the law was on our side with this issue but unfortunately it is not. Our opinion is that it should be a matter of one's own judgement rather than criminal charges.
Please share your experience with getting caught growing or using cannabis. It doesn't matter how big or how small the crime was as this will help people worried about the law.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

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Entry Requirements
Entries to our competition are closed and if your photo is not displayed here then we are sorry to say you did not win a prize this time around. I'm sure we will do a new competition soon enough so get collecting your photos now ready in time for the next session.

All entries will be added to our Just Feminized Cannabis Seeds Competition facebook Group
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Just Feminized does not encourage illegal activity and this competition is only applicable to people who have grown without breaking the law. We do not take responsibility for others breaking the law and sell our seeds in the UK as souvenirs.

Entries are welcome from all people but particularly welcome from countries where we can be certain the law has not been broken.

Friday, 23 June 2017

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Caught Growing Cannabis! (Rules of mitigation that help lower your sentence)

Rules of Mitigation

Your mitigation and how you present yourself from the very beginning is the most important thing of all when growing cannabis. I have researched many cases and have seen such a variation in sentences that have been handed out.

On many occasions people getting caught with 100-130 plants have got off with suspended sentence because they followed some basic mitigation rules. Others with as little as 30 plants have got custodial sentences.

Example number 1 (man caught with 52 mature plants)

Sometimes a simple ‘no comment’ would have been much better than any other words. When police smelt cannabis growing from this example mans house he was a little over compliant. He told police he was growing to sell, he produces 3 crops a year, he spent £5000 on his set up, He does not work and he already had 300 grams in a bag in the same house.

This is a terrible example of someone who did not think about any of the rules before setting out on his cultivating venture.

This man got 2 years in Prison which he will most likely serve 12 months on good behavior.

Very easily he could of just been walking free but his own words were his biggest enemy.

Example 2 (man caught with 122 plants)

Very similar case with a man who was caught after neighbors smelt his crop growing. Police came and busted his door and at first he said no comment which is his legal right to do so. When in court the man said that he suffered from severe anxiety and smoked for medical purposes to ease pain from a motorbike accident that happened a few years prior. He said that he was searching for the perfect strain as a lot of cannabis makes his anxiety worse but some gave him a complete cure. The plants were all labelled differently and he had empty packets showing that he was growing at least 10 different varieties which was shown in evidence. This was his first offence to which he said he had no intention of selling a single gram and showed he had a job to support his outgoings.

This is an example of someone playing by the rules of mitigation.

He got a 3 year sentence but it was suspended for 3 years meaning he will not go to prison at all. He had to pay court costs and a fine which totaled £800 and was free to go.

Mitigating circumstances are so much more important than some people realize and playing by these rules can and will make the difference of a time behind bars or having your freedom.

Example 3 (man caught with 36 plants)

In this case the person growing thought he was clever because he had 2 flats which he owned both of them and was renting one to his friend. He decided to split 36 plants in the 2 flats and take half the profit on the second one his friend was growing.

This is going to be the biggest lesson of all growing mistakes made.

If you are seen to be the organizer of crime like in this occasion it is not dependent on the size of the crime and number of plants you are growing (now you are seen as the boss)

These guys got caught growing in both houses and the landlord/owner admitted he had knowledge of both operations to which he was profiting from.

Due to the fact he had multiple grows which he was organizing they bumped him up the list into the leading role which is high up on the category 2 sentencing guide.

For growing lets estimate around £7000 worth of cannabis (relatively small) they gave him a 3 year custodial sentence.

This was possibly the worst and most unfortunate case I've read about sentencing from growing cannabis.

I've read of someone who got 16 months for growing 190 plants who got out in 4 months on tag because he had perfect mitigation in court.

So let that be a lesson if you think you will be clever splitting grows in multiple locations.

Definitely think again!

Mitigating circumstances that will reduce your sentence.

1, Medical Use gives a big reduction in sentencing.
2, Having a legitimate job or taxpaying business helps reduce sentence.
3, First offence gives a massive reduction
4, Guilty Plea from day one gives a reduction (depending on case)
5, Good Character with community work etc or good nature can help
6, Mortgage and other financial commitments show you are of sensible character.
7, having people that are dependant on you for example wife, kids, sick mother etc helps.
7, Remorse and acceptance of drug rehabilitation program (shows willingness to change).
8, One large crop of a single strain will always look bad, but if you labelled all the plants differently this could suggest you are looking for a perfect medical strain rather than growing commercial bulk.
9, always act alone, sole operation is seen so much better than join ventures as it is then closer to being organised crime.
10, your presentation and manor in court will help a little. Don’t go in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. The courts think of themselves as giant lords of high importance. Even if you think they are complete
C**t’s a little respect can go a long way so wear a shirt n tie if you have one, don’t chew gum and something simple like switching your phone off will be noted.

Play the game in every detail for the best result!

Mitigating circumstances that will make your sentence worse

1, telling them the cannabis from growing is for sale is a big no no
2, telling them you do not smoke cannabis is very bad unless you have told them you have just given up because of this court case. (then it can go in the bonus list)
3, telling them you are making money from growing is bad
4, not having a taxpaying job or any income could be bad as growing will be seen as the finance supporting your lifestyle.
5, having evidence of previous grows or showing you intend to keep a continued cycle going is very bad. Having cuttings, seedlings, veg rooms, pots of bud, drying weed etc shows you are not doing this for the first time is always bad.
6, having a sophisticated and valuable set up is bad. Always say it was bought off ebay or gumtree for under £1000 in bulk cheap and its first time.
7, having connections to criminal networks or gangs etc is the worst thing.
8, Previous convictions for cannabis defiantly will worsen things and some other convictions will paint a bad picture of your character.
9, growing in someone else’s home is bad if you get caught for it. This can show you are the crime organizer and in some way a boss. Growing 36 plants in one place will give you zero prison time. Splitting this in 2 addresses will mean you are the boss of organised crime and land you 2 years in prison.

There are some very simple mistakes that will have very big consequences if you are careless to consider them.

Play by the rules and enjoy your freedom.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

How have marijuana law changes effected people and what do they think about it in the USA

How have cannabis law changes affected the way of life over in America?

We have all been eagerly watching as the laws across the whole of America seem to be changing for the better. It seems like our neighbours have finally realised that there is no point fighting a losing battle. This really must be the most substantial move in the right direction in the whole history of the USA.. The war on drugs was simply a war against a freedom of expression and chosen way of life. Penalizing people for something that comes so naturally and effects change on people that is calming and peaceful for so many years was clearly the wrong way to go. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all pans out over there and if there are any regrets in the coming years.

The thing I am starting to wonder is really what things are going right and what things are going wrong?

Are the changes seen to be positive or negative?

What are the pros and cons of the law changes?

What do smokers and non smokers think of the effect on the community and the economy?

Very interested to see what comments come in here!

Monday, 13 May 2013

What are the current sentences in Spain for cannabis cultivation?

We all know how things are changing across the world with relaxed cannabis laws. The question is what exactly is happening in Spain??

Recently we went over to Spain to visit friends and next to them is a grow shop called 'Dutch Garden' in Javea. In this shop the guy sells cuttings, lights, seeds and everything possible for growing. He went on to explain a little of how things work over there at the moment and it is completely legal to grow your own.  You can grow up to 4 plants for personal consumption. It is also completely legal to smoke in the privacy of your own home. It is however illegal to smoke in public and if caught punishable by heavy fines.

What we want to know is what exactly are the sentences for people who get caught growing on a bigger scale in Spain? Are there loop holes people can get around the law using? can you grow marijuana commercially for a business venture legally?

If you have any experience with the Spanish legal system and cannabis cultivation please share your experience here as I think everyone would appreciate the information. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sentence for growing over 100 cannabis plants?

From what I remembered of when cannabis was down-graded to a class C drug the sentences were not so high. Now that it is a class B, what kind of sentences would you be looking at for a factory with over 100 plants?

If there is anyone out there who was crazy enough to cultivate over 100 plants we would love to hear about it so please share your story.

Posts to this blog are completely anonymous!

What is the sentence for growing upto 100 plants

This is in the serious side of cultivation and anyone who has attempted this level of production must have some balls. Surely this is not a case of if you will get custody but more of how long the sentence will be. Anyone thinking of growing on this scale should assess what they could lose if the crop gets busted very seriously.

What would be the consequence in court for a factory producing 100 plants?

Would there be any circumstances that would prevent you facing custody and get you off with a tag or community service order?

please share your experience here.

What would the sentence be for growing 25-50 plants

How likely is it that you would end up with a custodial sentence after getting caught with 25-50 plants?

Would it be considered as a commercial enterprise?

How many plants are really worth the risk when you consider the consequences?

Growing 50 plants has surely got to attract a custodial sentence!

This is where it starts to get interesting. What is considered the threshold for custody and how is the sentence decided? When you get caught with this amount of plants is there any deciding factors such as the complexity of the set up or the size of the plants that effects the court’s decision? Do they judge the case based on your personal circumstances such as if you work or are on the social claiming benefits?

Please share your experience here if you were caught with this kind of load!

What would be the sentence for growing 11-25 plants?

How likely is it that you would end up with a custodial sentence after getting caught with 11-25 plants?

Would it be considered as a personal grow or a commercial enterprise?
How many plants are really worth the risk when you consider the consequences?

Again circumstances are everything when it comes to court proceedings with this type of issue. What punishment would be given for stepping into the larger sized cultivation? No doubt in this day 25 plants would produce a worthy amount of cannabis probably in the reagion of about 25-100 ounces with a street value of anything upto £25000. 

Please share your experience here if you were caught with this kind of load!

What would be the sentence for growing 1-10 plants

How likely is it that you would end up with a custodial sentence after getting caught with 1-10 plants?

There will no doubt be debate as to how lenient they are on you for small cultivation. I suppose it really comes down to circumstances and whether you had previous convictions or was found with a large sum of un explained cash. Maybe you had previous grow's evidence or you had cuttings ready to go in after this grow finished.

Please share your experience here what ever it may be!

Taken from THC Talk

Hi all,

I thought i'd make this thread so we can see what the supposed "courts" of our land are dishing out for percy growers like us.

keep any reports pretty recent if you can please folks, lets try and keep it current- to the last yr or so, as growing canna is coming so much more prolific, and as more people get busted, hopefully the "seriousness" ahem. of the crime and the punishment decreases.

I`ll open this happy thread from our local paper this week.

a Guy gets stopped for a traffic offence (alledged dodgy exhaust..)and is found with some SEEDS and a GRINDER. thus he gets nicked and his house searched. they find 4 plants and some percy cocaine.
4 plants+ prcy cocaine-sentence at court= £85.fine (+costs+victim charge)

not bad... not bad at all..

e2a.... carefull out there guys, the seeds and grinder alone was enuff for them to search his house!! neither of them are ilegal items..