Fines and Sentences for growing cannabis in the UK

We just thought it might be interesting to have a blog to share experiences with the Law regarding cannabis.

Approximately 2 million people smoke cannabis in the UK on a regular basis and over 50% of 16-29 year olds have tried it at least once. We would rather the law was on our side with this issue but unfortunately it is not. Our opinion is that it should be a matter of one's own judgement rather than criminal charges.
Please share your experience with getting caught growing or using cannabis. It doesn't matter how big or how small the crime was as this will help people worried about the law.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What would be the sentence for growing 11-25 plants?

How likely is it that you would end up with a custodial sentence after getting caught with 11-25 plants?

Would it be considered as a personal grow or a commercial enterprise?
How many plants are really worth the risk when you consider the consequences?

Again circumstances are everything when it comes to court proceedings with this type of issue. What punishment would be given for stepping into the larger sized cultivation? No doubt in this day 25 plants would produce a worthy amount of cannabis probably in the reagion of about 25-100 ounces with a street value of anything upto £25000. 

Please share your experience here if you were caught with this kind of load!


  1. are you selling it & £10 a gram then to get that much from it? lol

  2. 25 grand ma baws

  3. What would u get for 25 small plants that only produce around 2oz each would you get away with saying it's for personal use? Anyone been busted with same amount of around 50oz? What did u get?

  4. anyone been busted for 12 plant first offence

  5. i've bn fkd ova for 36 plants n got a fine of £1600..only because of my job..i could hav hud a sentince of 25 month..but the judge must huv got his hole that mornin

  6. if you read in the archbalds law books there is case law stating that 14/16 plants have been classed as personal use
    and if you find case law then it automaticly applies to you s
    hope that helps

  7. Seems that anything under 9 plants is pretty much legal

  8. anything up to 28 plants will see you without jail time if you have a clean character and you keep a tidy grow setup. Always clean up after previous grows as evidence will go against you if they see you did it before. Also make sure you don't have steel the electricity as that is the biggest charge they will hit you with.

    If you have good character, Come well presented wearing a suit, have no previous history related to cannabis, have no evidence of previous grows and can say it is for personal use then I would say 28 plants is pretty much the 99% sure limit to avoid a prison sentence

  9. I Think anything up to 9 plants is safe to say your not getting any prison time. 9-28 plants is questionable on circumstances and history. anything above and you are treading into cautious water with the chances going up but things are certainly relaxing now as they should be. Soon the laws in the UK will change for sure as things are having a positive effect over in America and most of Europe have more relaxed views now.

    Its just a matter of time till the UK is legal for growing cannabis especially with all the celebrataties that are campaigning for the legalization of cannabis and all the news media backing it a little more with the medical revelations that are coming out of the wood work more and more.

    Lets hope it happens sooner rather than later.

  10. i got a pull wi 9 oz of green ,said me n my 2 mates all chipped in also had scales n a blade ,lawyer got a deal plead to community dealing n got a 900 quid fine fkn sniffer dogs at train station,wee fkrs.

  11. I got raided and had 16 plants and 11 oz it is my first offence wot is the likely outcome of my sentence it is my first offence for anything like this at all.

  12. Awryt troops got caught wae 19 baby's 2 week old, got convictions fur possession n shit, hink al get a sentence fur this....FUCK THE GRASSES

  13. Got caught with 19 plants and on a suspended sentence for domestic violence what sentence would I get

  14. 98 plants cultvation with intent to supply first time offence. My nephew not me. What sort of sentence is likely ?

  15. 98 plants cultvation with intent to supply first time offence. My nephew not me. What sort of sentence is likely ?

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  17. Police raided my house and found in my garage a hydroponics grow with 24 plants of 6 different strains clearly marked. 8 ready to harvest, 8 just in flower and 8 in veg. Plus 1 5kg of dried bud.

    Explained to the police that I had so many plants because I was looking for the perfect cbd strain to help with my depression and high blood pressure. Explained the large quantity of bud found was due to the fact I DON'T SELL OR GIVR ANY AWAY.

    Also explained that I was saving to buy cbd oil extraction equipment hence the money they found in the house £2700.


    1. no previous convictions.
    2. Family man.
    3. Job and mortgage
    4. Medical history proves I suffered from depression in the past plus on blood pressure medications currently.
    5.Gave police full access to bank accounts etc

    Just found out they are charging me with production and intent to supply.

    Any I idea what I could be looking to get?

    1. Jail time most likely mate...only because you have evidence of growing before they won’t know if you done 1 or 10 grows before jail unless you give a few names n become a grass


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