Fines and Sentences for growing cannabis in the UK

We just thought it might be interesting to have a blog to share experiences with the Law regarding cannabis.

Approximately 2 million people smoke cannabis in the UK on a regular basis and over 50% of 16-29 year olds have tried it at least once. We would rather the law was on our side with this issue but unfortunately it is not. Our opinion is that it should be a matter of one's own judgement rather than criminal charges.
Please share your experience with getting caught growing or using cannabis. It doesn't matter how big or how small the crime was as this will help people worried about the law.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Just Feminized Cannabis Seeds Competition (Over £400 in Prizes)

**This Page may take some time to load so please be patient**Over £400 in Prizes Have been awarded!

1st Prize (Just Feminized Bubblegummy strain ready to harvest)
5 x Blueberry Chunk Fem Seeds, 5 x Strawberry NL5 Mist Fem Seeds, 5 x OG Critical Kush Fem Seeds, 1 x Ganja Leaf Metal Grinder, 1 x Just Feminized T-shirt, 1 x I-Vapor Digital Vaporiser RRP £100

2nd Prize (Barneys LSD at maturity)
5 x Strawberry NL5 Mist Fem Seeds, 5 x OG Critical Kush Fem Seeds, 1 x Skyda No2 Electronic Vaporiser RRP £70, 1 x Ganja Leaf Metal Grinder and 1 x Just Feminized T-Shirt.

3rd Prize (Auto Russian Widow outdoors)
5 x OG Critical Kush Fem Seeds, 1 x Ganja Leaf Metal Grinder, 1 x Skyda No 5 Electronic Vaporiser RRP £40 and 1 x Just Feminized T-Shirt

Additional Entries that we will award a 6 pack of feminized seeds to Below

Auto Bubblegum (Just Feminized)

AK Lights (Just Feminized)

Canadian Cheese (Just Fem)

Napalese Haze (Just Feminized)

White Amnesia (Just Feminized)

Cheesy Dick (DinaFem)

Pineapple Punch (Auto Seeds)

Blueberry (Dutch Passion)

Canadian Cheese (Just Fem)

Auto Bubble (Just Feminized)

Organic Auto Amnesia (Just Feminized)

Pineapple Punch (Auto Seeds)

Trainwreck (Just Fem)

Auto Bubblegum (Just Feminized)

Blue Cheese (Big Buddha)

Entry Requirements
Entries to our competition are closed and if your photo is not displayed here then we are sorry to say you did not win a prize this time around. I'm sure we will do a new competition soon enough so get collecting your photos now ready in time for the next session.

All entries will be added to our Just Feminized Cannabis Seeds Competition facebook Group
(Click Here to View the group)

Just Feminized does not encourage illegal activity and this competition is only applicable to people who have grown without breaking the law. We do not take responsibility for others breaking the law and sell our seeds in the UK as souvenirs.

Entries are welcome from all people but particularly welcome from countries where we can be certain the law has not been broken.


  1. i have recently grown bluedream auto and misty kali.thay on my blogger.i want to enter competitions i love justfem


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